Paola Tagliaferro


Paola Tagliaferro beging at a very early age singing in maintream pop music. After issuing a couple of singles in the late seventies/early eighties, she retired from the scene, starting her interest in painting.

After more than 20 years she returns back in the musical scene with a couple of self composed albums spanning from fusion, jazz and pop, but her needing of pushing the envelope and continue research carried at The Conservatory of Vicenza where se studies with great singer Amelia Cuni, Dhrupad chant of ancient India.

The encounter with other avantgarde music and musicians lead her inteersts towards new horizons and in 2009 under the production of Max marchini she published “Chrysalis”, an album with ethnic flavours as well as avantgarde pop from the seventies as progressive music and the new wave of Tuxedomoon and The Residents. On this records she and Max wrote a song with King Crimosn and ELP wordsmith Peter Sinfield. The album was very well received from critics.

Again under Max Marchini production she just issued Milioni di Lune (Million Moons) with Sinfield (whose also lend his voice on the track he wrote for the album “Blossom On The Tree”) and lots of other collaborations including avantgarde trombonist Angelo Contini, guitarist Paul Labreque and film maker and musicologist Francesco Paolo Paladino.

This new work goes further ahead in acoustic and sound research, with delicate ambient moods, contemporary suggestions as influences by Popol Vuh and King Crimson. On stage Paola Tagliaferro carries his music in two sets. One mainly acoustic and the other one very based upon spontaneous music, taking main inspiration from the work of Ovary Lodge, and Gunter Hempel and Jeanne Lee.

The line set for live gigs includes:

  • Paola Tagliaferro voice, tampura, kalimba, electronics
  • Angelo Contini trombone, jews harp, whistles and sea shells
  • Max Marchini guitars, bass, harmonium and soundscapes
  • Franz Soprani bass and soundscapes
  • Eleonora Bagarotti harp