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Note d'estate- Paola Tagliaferro con Pier Gonella

Published on 29.08.2015

Angolo " Le Saline - K2 Rocco e i suoi fratelli- Rapallo- Ge

Paola Tagliaferro ospite con Pier Gonella del Festival Internazionale della poesia di Ge

Published on 18.06.2015

Al Munizioniere - Palazzo Ducale- Genova

PaolaTagliaferro ospite del Festival Internazionale della Poesia di Genova

Published on 12.06.2014

Paola Tagliaferro canta le sue canzoni e Barbara Garassino legge dei suoi racconti 

Paola Tagliaferro apre il concerto di Paul Roland - Auditorium del Carlo Felice di Genova- 20° Festival Internazionale di poesia di Genova- Foto di Alberto Terrile

Published on 08.03.2014

Add this to Italian tour diary March 6-9 2014 after this sentence
The following day we drove round and round the mountains to Genova which left me dizzy (I thought the Romans built straight roads!) to play the Auditorium del Carlo Felice, a theatre somewhat like the National Theatre on the Southbank. I was honoured to be introduced by singer-songwriter Paola Tagliaferro who performed a song in tribute, so to speak, (and I wasn’t even dead yet!) Paola had just made her debut big screen appearance in ‘Dust to Dust’ directed by Francesco Paolo Paladino which had been screened at Cannes. She had also studied the ancient art of Indian chants with Amelia Cuni, so I was delighted when she offered to contribute some of her magical vocals to an album of original voodoo chants that I planned to record in Italy with an ensemble of estimable musicians including members of La Scala and avante-garde artist Claudio Milano who would sing the part of the High Priest.
Paul Roland 

Intervista di Athos Enrile MAT2020

Published on 06.10.2013

Dust to Dust Trailer

Published on 20.03.2013


Published on 02.03.2013

A nice review by Thurston Hunger can be found on "" and  says:

"When you die, will you come back as a wind chime? If so, the
fragrant folk and gentle psych of this record may ring the

bell bellisima for you. Most tracks move with the soft sleepy
pace of a lullaby, Marchini’s acoustic guitars blow chords like
a warm wind at night and drop notes into the many pools of
Tagliaferro’s voice. Her voice is often multi-tracked, sometimes
to the point of upclose adoration, but other times to the
point of dissonant weirdness (I’m thinking of “Vuoti” and “Moondust”
songs replete with psych staple backwards guitar). Listening
to this album almost turned me into a faded starlet, drunk in
a diamond-studded bathtub, flickering out like the scented
candles surrounding me.?? But there are enough oddball moves
that I think can float this as a KFJC-calibre gypsy dream
and avoid the champagne room next door to the pricey art gallery.
“Deserti” has a wandering bass over echo play of voice and
guitar, following a sort of guitar in the wild intro. Field
recording, tabla, tambura drone, puffy little trumpets “Il
Tagliatore di Luce.” And listen where that piece winds up.
Paola may have once been a pin-up pop star in Italia, but
I don’t think this is just me having a Sophia Loren-infused
Antonioni appreciation, I think all the mermaids who swam
after Stellamara will dig this too. Even without the Nth+1
cover of “Song to the Siren.” Hidden bonus track too

-Thurston Hunger

  • Reviewed by Thurston Hunger on November 11, 2012 at 11:57 pm"

    Published on 26.06.2012

    La prestigiosa testata Ondarock ha recensito il mio ultimo disco. Recensione ancora più preziosa e gradita poiché è scritta dalla penna di Claudio Milano, una delle voci più profonde, belle e intelligenti del panorama internazionale. Grazie di cuore.

    Nuovo sito

    Published on 14.06.2012

    È online il nuovo sito di Paola Tagliaferro.