Paola Tagliaferro


Paola Tagliaferro apre il concerto di Paul Roland - Auditorium del Carlo Felice di Genova- 20° Festival Internazionale di poesia di Genova- Foto di Alberto Terrile

Published on 08.03.2014

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The following day we drove round and round the mountains to Genova which left me dizzy (I thought the Romans built straight roads!) to play the Auditorium del Carlo Felice, a theatre somewhat like the National Theatre on the Southbank. I was honoured to be introduced by singer-songwriter Paola Tagliaferro who performed a song in tribute, so to speak, (and I wasn’t even dead yet!) Paola had just made her debut big screen appearance in ‘Dust to Dust’ directed by Francesco Paolo Paladino which had been screened at Cannes. She had also studied the ancient art of Indian chants with Amelia Cuni, so I was delighted when she offered to contribute some of her magical vocals to an album of original voodoo chants that I planned to record in Italy with an ensemble of estimable musicians including members of La Scala and avante-garde artist Claudio Milano who would sing the part of the High Priest.
Paul Roland