"Fabulae": by Paola Tagliaferro

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Link to official videoclip: White Goddess

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Preview: English Fabulae

Link to track 01: The Awakening of the She-Wolf

Link to track 02: Bluebeard's Room

Link to track 03: White Goddess

Link to track 04: Bid maiden

Link to track 05: A swan cannot be a duck

Link to track 06: The Shaman's drum

Link to track 07: The Soul's skin

Link to track 08: The day of the moon

Link to track 09: Algorithm a bridge between two worlds

Link to track 10: Mrs Yin and Mr Yang

Link to track 11: The Alchimists

Link to track 12: Moonchild

Link to track 13: To absent friends


Anteprima: Fabulae italiana

Link al videoclip ufficiale: Bianca dea

Link traccia 01: Il risveglio della lupa

Link traccia 02: La stanza di Barbablu'

Link traccia 03: Bianca dea

Link traccia 04: La fanciulla alata

Link traccia 05: Un cigno non puo' essere un'anatra

Link traccia 06: Il tamburo della sciamana

Link traccia 07: La pelle dell'anima

Link traccia 08: Il giorno della luna

Link traccia 09: Algoritmo, un ponte tra due mondi

Link traccia 10: La Signora Yin e il Signor Yang

Link traccia 11: Gli alchimisti

Link to track 12: Moonchild

Link to track 13: To absent friends

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